Friday, January 13, 2017

Punisher : World Warzone

Download standard version here.

Download widescreen version here.

                        ~Alpha 1G~
                                  Update notes

Added/Removed : 

Blob added to the roster.
Weapon pickups will now carry over to the next round if weilding a weapon.
Removed Belger's Mansion stage because i'm completly redoing the Interactive stuff.

Characters updated : 

Punisher = Should now use finishers only on the final round.
Punisher = Rasied rifle to shoulder for Rifle Shot special to try and line up the head pop finisher.
Punisher = During Rifle Shot special if holding up or back before the shot happens you can change the direction of shot.
Punisher = Grenade Hyper can now be aimed in 4 directions. Also changed guardflag from L to MA.
Punisher = Removed pausetime movement on some ranged moves. Grenade is supposed to move during pauses, so no change to it.
Punisher = Fixed bullet collision if bullet hit by another projectile. Raised the hit priority from 6 to 7.
Punisher = Changed the command to re-fire the pistol, too simply hitting the same punch button again.
Cody = Cody's explosion finisher animations are complete for Punisher's grenade hyper.
Blaze = added Embukyaku special move.
Blaze = Max striker can now be hit.
Other smaller changes made to hit overrides, hit priorities & damage dealt for moves.

Stages added/updated :